If you want to know more about Scott's klick on the links below


Roger Moss Engineering The man who keeps Scotts running, he makes new casings, cilinders, carbs etc.

Check his site for more technical improvements for your Scott.

Also does he race with a Scott, he won with his Scott the 2005 VMCC championship.


Scott Owners Club A Club who give you great help to keep your Scott on the road.

They also have a Spares department (only for members) and forum on wich you can place

all your questions about Scott motorcycles


Scott technicalities A whealth off technical info for your Scott.

Compiled by Bill Jamiesons and put on the web by Steven Enticott.


Flying squirrel This page is from my friend Erik who also has a Scott.

On this page are many pictures from his lovely Scott.

He also has a technical section where he descripes a "road" tune for a Scott.